•  Codagogy codagogy.com   Online, collaborative web development courses for women.   Web Start Women is Boston is bringing the curriculum from their popular in-person classes in html, CSS, PHP, javascript, and more online. For profit company:  $34 for 6 session (2 week) course
  • Codecademy  www.codecademy.com  Free online curricula about javascript, html, css, python and ruby, in small pieces with lots of hands-on practice. 
  • CodeHS  These folks (a for profit company) want to have coding be part of every student's experience in high school.  Watch videos, try coding simple games in Javascript, and get help when you need it on their website. www.codehs.com Starting out is free; individuals can access the whole shebang for $25 month.
  • Code Player  www.thecodeplayer.com Learn HML5, CSS3, Javascript and more via video-style walkthroughs showing cool stuf being created from scratch.  Not for beginners, but very interesting for intermediate and advanced coders.
  • Exploring Computer Science  www.exploringCS.org    ECS: a free, 1-year, college-preparatory course that teaches problem solving, web design, programming, animation, robotics, etc. 
  • Girl Develop It  Girl Develop It has this great resource list  which links to their course materials and to other resources they like for learning  HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, etc. 
  • Hackety Hack  hackety.com Hackety Hack will teach you the absolute basics of programming from the ground up, using the Ruby programming language. No previous programming experience is needed. 
  • Khan Academy Computer Science   www.khanacademy.org/cs  a completely new platform that targets people with no programming knowledge and gives them an engaging and fun environment to learn in.  Over everything else we wanted to emphasize creativity and exploration and make it approachable for people of all ages, including young kids. Free.  Javascript.
  • Nettuts net.tutsplus.com online tutorials and articles for web developers and designers, inclduing HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMSs, PHP and Ruby on Rails.  $19/month memebership; for profit
  • No Name Site  www.nonamesite.com  Contests and game-based, free online instruction in coding designed for 13-18 year olds by folks at Topcoder.com
  • Skillcrush skillcrush.com Free Newsletter;  Create Your Own Website online course costs $75; Build your Online Portfolio course costs $125; for profit company
  • W3Schools www.w3schools.com  At w3schools.com you will learn how to make a website. We offer free tutorials and certification in all web development technologies, including HTML5, CSS, Javascript and many others.  CSS lesson
  • Webmonkey www.webmonkey.com/tutorials  is an online resource for web developers, from the folks at Wired magazine. You’ll find tutorials, tips and advice for designing and building websites and programming web applications. It has articles for beginners, professionals, students, grandparents, bloggers and programmers of all skill levels.  


  1. So you want to be a programmer? Here are 27 ways to learn online: http://thenextweb.com/dd/2012/10/21/so-you-want-to-be-a-programmer-huh-heres-25-ways-to-learn-online/

  2. another good list: https://medium.com/p/a2dc04ea9529

  3. I recommend adding SnoopCode also to the above list. http://www.snoopcode.com