Want to learn to program or help somebody learn?    
A great place to start is with Scratch, a fun, easy, free, powerful language you can use to made animations, games, stories, music videos and more.  This explains what kids can learn while having fun with Scratch. 
or Explore the links below, or 
try this list of local classes and online resources from
check out How to choose your first programming language  
and here is some great advice to keep in mind as you are learning to code.

    What are you interested in learning about?   

         Find out about languages for beginners and intermediate programmers.

    Now get going with these resources:
    LEARN HERE!  Online Courses, Tutorials etc.

    Development Tools:
             Code Editors, Web Inspectors, Development Environments
    Organizations dedicated to Computer Science Education 

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    1. Learning to code is such an insane task because of the scope of the topics available to learn. It can be super tempting to just try and be a sponge and absorb more constantly, but in the end the only way you convert the memorization of techniques to the correct thought processes required for coding is to write a ton of code.
      -- Great quote from Joe Burgess from this Skillcrush blogpost about writing iOS apps: